Beliefs about Life

Beliefs are what we really truly want in life. Unfortunately our experiences and programming from childhood become the basis of our beliefs.  These come from parents, teachers and people who nurtured us. These beliefs that we took on unfortunately end up acting on us in a way that is limiting…as blind faith

Why you do things, who told you, and is it really important to do something for another that way.  For example, do you believe security comes from having external things (money, possessions, job)?  These are great to have, but are they the source of your security?

  • When you lose things externally, does fear set in?
  • Do you believe in guilt or shame?lotus
  • Do you habitually judge yourself and others?

Look at things and others through eyes of goodness, beauty and truth. See the goodness that is underneath each person you meet.  Look beyond judgement and find the innocence of the other person, the light that lives there and open your heart with compassion and not let what happens in the world around you to trigger you into judgement, fear or anger.

Go in and find those things that are not you.  Then ask yourself….do you feel beautiful?  See if you are adopting external opinions.  How do you carry yourself in life….and what might that show about your beliefs about yourself?

What would you need to believe in order to carry yourself with confidence, grace and ease….feel that for a moment.