Our Workshop was great

We had a great time last evening.  It was nice to see old friends as well as meet new people.  We enjoyed the input from the group, lots of energy in the room, a very positive evening and one comment back was that it was ‘electrifying’. Thank you to all who came out to partake in our Drive Your Success workshop.

Drive Your Success – only a few seats left

The workshop is shaping up to be a fun, intimate, interactive and practical event with simple tips that will be helpful. Our deadline is this Friday, and the workshop goes on Tues. June 21st (first day of summer – yahoo!) from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Hub, 1550 Barrington St. Halifax.  This is a great way for leaders, sales people, entrepreneurs to kick off summer. We will be working “from within” as we are both life coaches – so this is a different approach. Hope to see you next weekl 🙂

Drive Your Success Workshop

I am really getting excited about our workshop.  Looks like it is going to be fun.  Make sure you get a ticket, as seats are limited. It will be hosted at The Hub on Barrington St. in Halifax and 10% of our sales are going to be donated to Silent Witness Nova Scotia, raising awareness on domestic violence.  Check it out on LifeSmith Coaching website.  

Workshop: Drive Your Success!

☼ Developing an attitude of SUCCESS ☼ HIDDEN CONCEPTS of sales ☼ ☼ Your UNIQUE competitive Edge ☼ Tips for authentic LEADERSHIP ☼ ☼ Enjoy the CHOICES on the journey ☼ This workshop is especially designed for entrepreneurs and professionals in leadership and sales and who want to get to the top of their “game” …‘Working from within”. *    3 Pillars to leadership & sales *    Simple, effective concepts for leadership & sales *    Leadership Competencies *    Why our filters are important. *    Balance enhances success *    What motivates & convinces people to buy? *    Recognize the internal barriers *   

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Final note on Seeing Life As It Really Is

We need to only be concerned with our life as we perceive it to be.  Worrying about what someone else is saying or doing is living in their “map of reality”.   So stepping back and not getting caught up in mass consciousness and chaos is a great place to start. Turn away from things that negatively impact us (e.g. T.V., news, movies, spam selling, etc.) and get back into what we love to do and become who we were meant to be. Forgive our personal mistakes and realize these are wonderful lessons that we have been given.   As we learn to embrace life, enjoy this

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Seeing Life As It Really Is – Part 2

It isn’t important what happens to us or around us, but how we respond to these events, circumstances or people.  It is like saying “Here I am, do what you want with me.” We need to face our fears, confront our doubts, overcome our negative self-talk and tendencies and start to trust ourselves. It is then we will know the real power, and self-confidence that is within each and every one of us. (Part 3 next)

We are all leaders to each other

No matter who we are in life or what we do, we all are leaders.  Look at times in your life when you have inspired others to move forward and try something new, or have helped others to learn and grow.  Caring for each other, as a human race, helps each one of us become the person we are capable of being. As we start to believe in ourselves, then we begin that road to success. This blog is to congratulate all of you who encourage or help others to acheive. You are the true leaders.  honk! honk!

Life will give you back everything you say and do

Our life is simply a reflection of our thoughts and actions.  We are what we think all day long. So we can choose how we want to be for the day – goal-oriented, happy, setting plans into action, being an open communicator, a good listener, understanding what others are thinking and feeling,  asking for their opinions before making decisions, and letting them know how they are doing. When others know that they are respected, listened to, appreciated and have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and expectations, then they will follow your lead with trust and loyalty.

Beware of some traps

Sometime we want people to go along with our ideas for them.  There are times when people tell us what is desirable for us. Then we also see ourselves getting into more trouble by comparing ourselves to others, or trying to be more or better than someone else.  If your looking for happines, these are traps that are best to stay away from.  Let them be who they are – you don’t need to change them to strengthen your identity.  You are special just the way you are.  So go ahead and create in this wonderful world from your true  self.

What everyone is looking for

Everyone wants to be respected, listened to, acknowledged and appreciated.  Sometimes we need to take the time to hear what they are saying, respect their opinions…even if we do not agreee… and let them know we have understood them by telling them what we have heard.  This is important to do no matter where you are in life… in retail, in industry, in government working with employees or being a co-worker or just being a friend.  Sales people are taught this as a basic skill.  It would serve us all well to show others “we care”.