Experience of releasing a childhood trauma

When I was 5-6 years of age, my parents told my brother and I that we were moving from the city, to one of the new suburbs outside of Montreal, Quebec.  They were planning to take us the following weekend to see our new home.  I also remember being  nervous to be moving.  We had been living above my grandparents duplex since I was born, and I could always go downstairs to see them and often go places with them.

It was winter time and I remember it being a cold and greyish day. When we arrived at the new house, I remember the feelings I had inside of me. First, I saw thick slats of wood going from floors to ceilings, no walls and just a roof on the top…..this is not what I had expected.  It was quite the shock, very unsettling, and I had a deep sense of insecurity go through me. I had expected a ‘completed’ house!! This was a huge leap from the ‘warmth’ I had known, to moving into this. I didn’t want to move into this! Even though months later we moved into the completed house, and I lived there for many years, that initial fright and insecurity never really left.

Just over a month ago, I was doing some clearing work on myself, and that image found its way back into my memory. I realized it came up because, it needed to be released and even though I had worked on it to release, I felt it had not completely gone. This was actually sitting in me as a trauma.

At this time I was staying at a friend’s house in New Brunswick, who also does healing work, and we had been asked to do a remote healing on a lady and a young gal. We worked with the Belvaspata, and during that process, my heart began to beat very quickly, and I felt something inside me moving making me feel uncomfortable.  This had never happened before. At the end of the healing session, I told my girlfriend what I had experienced, and then I heard the word “fear”, and that old image popped up ….then I knew.  That trauma had just been released.!!  I had been given a blessing during that healing which I am so grateful for. It truly amazes me what we can be gifted when we allow ourselves to be open, and how trauma can linger so long within the body.