Animal Healing – Almine’s

Kriyavaspata, Healing for animals. It does not require initiation

For those looking for Spiritual Healing

  • Belvaspata – This came out in October 2011 by the mystic and seer Almine. It is spiritual healing for purification and enlightenment, and works remotely as well as in person.  Belvaspata
  • Enhanded Healing Symbol –  This came out originally in 2011 by Anita Briggs of Inner Mastery Tools. It was so effective on myself, that I asked Anita if she would attune me to the practitioner’s level so I could work with my life clients at that time.  It became very effective with them.  This tool also works remotely as it is also spiritually connected and uses the 3 Danient centres to ignite the High Heart.  Enhanced Healing Symbol
  • Fragrance Alchemy – These incredible oils came out in 2013 by the mystic and seer Almine. Not to be compared to any other oils, as none others have the potency of these.  They are designed to work on the accupunture points of the body to clear the meridians (that connect to the organs) to clear them of toxins and negative emotions. As science has been recently been showing the proof of importance of these meridians working in the body. These work remotely as well….as one of my video testimonials show. (check out Robin) These have an incredible intellegence to them and are now in 24 countries. You will find more about these oils on the page Fragrance Alchemy.  
  • The Runes – These came out in 2015 by the seer and mystic Almine. Runes known in biblical times were either cards or stones. These new Runes are cards, and also now are available as an app for computers or cell phones. They give guidance and offer up yes/no answers as well as many specialized topics for enhancement.  We know today that predicting the future is not possible