Seeing Our Life Through Others

We filter our life’s experiences through our own ‘maps of reality’ and personal experiences. We tend to make reference points because that is easier to deal with situations. It tells us that nothing has changed….however life changes every minute. Because someone acted one way a while back, does that mean they still act that way?  Not necessarily, however a reference point will assume it does. Are we seeing with “new eyes” when we go into similar situations with the same people?  How are you responding to life?   Life is not what happens to us or around us, but whether we choose to see it clearly and how we respond to it. We tend to apply our personal judgments, opinions, beliefs and experiences to all aspects of our life as a reference point for us. The people that come into our help us to rise above our personal limitations and are there for a reason.  Maybe it is to say what similar qualities we have, or what we need more of in our life.  They are simply a mirror for us to look at….for us to figure out.  If we see something wonderful or distasteful in that person, we wouldn’t know that unless we had it within ourself.  The challenge is….do we take the time to figure it out and learn to grow.