Four different testimonial videos

  1. Dalene speaks of releasing claustrophobia, and then flying to Hong Kong – 14 hours with no medication
  2. Shelley speaks of releasing the feeling of abandonment that had plagued her for a long time
  3. Robin from Ontario speaks of completely changing from crying and sadness to being in a different place. This was done remotely from Nova Scotia to Ontario.
  4. Sibell releases depression to see, with her own eyes, a brighter place around her, full of colours and also feels the release of that darkness coming up from within her.

These testimonials are to show the depth and breath of how these tools and methods work. When you are ready to bring changes in your life, and are open to getting rid of things that have held you back, it is easy to have them release.

The key is really in your desire to let things go.  Sometimes it takes a few sessions as we work together and you release in little steps moving through your issue(s). Sometimes it takes only one session. We all release in different ways and in different time intervals.

Release pain from the body in an easy way.  Emotions cause pain in the body….this is the most natural and easy way to release what is ailing you.

Music in the videos by Almine

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