What really holds us back?

I like to call it the ‘final frontier’.  It is located between our ears, and it is what we repeatedly say to ourselves, about ourselves…whether we put ourselves down…to big, too skinny, not good enough, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety.. or the great things we believe about ourselves,… I feel good about myself, I can do anything I focus on, I feel such peace and happiness inside…it is those thoughts (chatter) in our head that create the feelings we have, and these can control us from being the best we can be in life, or help us to soar.  It’s like being on one side of the edge….we either are behind, or we have the edge to be great at whatever we choose to do.  There are simple ways to change this if you want to change your life….you just have to be ready to look in the mirror and say…”it’s time to fix this”. Then if you want, we can chat about it.