Belvaspata – Modality of Miracles 

Belvaspata,  provides an easy release of pain and emotions from the body.

Why is it here? 

Belvaspata, Modality of Miracles, came out on the planet because the frequencies or energies, began to change in 2007-2008.  As time went on, these new frequencies became more powerful and so the old techniques/modalites, which opposite energies attracted, were now beginning to repel.  In other words, there was no change or benefit being brought in for the client any more.

Belvaspata healing is being used Globally

This wonderful healing modality is now in 24 countries globally.  Practitioners that used the old techniques, now feel a difference in their practices, and find this one extremely powerful, and has the benefit of being able to be used remotely as well. This new technique has “like energies attract like energies”. So this is what works today for internal emotional change and healing!

It is well known in the ancient light language, is a new and sacred  modality based on light and frequency that was introduced by the world-renowned mystic and seer Almine in response to major cosmic changes.

Benefits of Belvaspata

  • You release illusions that cause you ill health and mental/emotional dis-ease
  • You bring in more clarity, purpose and peace of mind, as well as confidence.
  • It renews your access to pure and true emotions of love, joy, inspiration, gratitude, trust, etc.
  • It assists you to release your long-standing patterns (including the release of trauma and depression)
  • Helps you “create through the heart” a life of joy, peace, abundance, etc

More Benefits: Physical/Emotional

  • Effortless transformation
  • You have quick pain relief where conventional methods are ineffective
  • You feel better with increased health, energy and vitality
  • Removal of blockages that are causing illness or dis-ease
  • Clearing of anxiety, stress and promoting inner peace for you is often a result

Classes for learning this modality are listed below.

Belvaspata’s Special Modality for Removing Addictions in the body

  • It removes blockages within your 24 Chakras/energy centres
  • It heightens your awakening of consciousness so you can see and feel the underlying perfection
  • You begin to sense lightness, wholeness and well-being
  • Your  sense of inner connection, harmony and peace is heightened

We have 24 chakras in our body that need to be cleared from addiction.  Not just drug or alcohol adddiction, but addictions to eating, electronics, television, cell phones, and more.

  • I use this tool remotely, anywhere in the world. “Can be done on groups as well.”

A sample testimonial from February 2019 of a remote session:

“Throughout this year, Lynne has helped me with a few of my loved ones. She amazes me, as she works from a different province, and has always proven to be transformative for them. Lately, I asked her to help my brother who lives away and is struggling with addiction. The first time, she did some work remoely as he was isolating himself from other people in the group home by not leaving his bedroom and watching television by himself.

Results from this remote session:

That all changed when she did a remote session. I telephoned my brother, and he told me that he had started to watch TV in the main living room with others and was interacting in meaningful conversation with people. This was a huge change in his behavior. He told me he hadn’t drank any alcohol in three weeks; I was surprised that he even mentioned this, as this was never a topic he discussed with me. I have noticed he has become more aware of himself, he has reduced the amount he drinks, coupled with taking responsibility because he is now respecting the time he is supposed to be back to the group home by 10pm. I am very grateful for Lynne who has been a God send to my brother. Thank you Lynne!”

Louise Smith, Ottawa (no relation)

Here is a testimonial from my friend, Val, who had a situation with a very sick relative in Scotland. Listen to what happened when I used the Belvaspata tool remotely. This is amazing!

Dubbed the modality of miracles

The Belvaspata modality has been dubbed the “modality of miracles” and truly needs to be felt to experience the profound changes that it can bring about for the one who is receptive to its blessing. It is a profoundly gentle modality, so gentle in fact that it is the only modality that does not require permission from the receiver to be performed. Instead, rather than imposing anything, the blessing merely lingers in the field of the receiver until such a time as they are ready to accept it.

  • Sessions can be done either in person or remotely and last for approximately 60 – 80 minutes
  • It can be augmented by the powerful Fragrance Alchemy healing modality which utilizes high potency, high frequency oils to clear distortion from the meridians of the body and restore emotional balance. These sessions can be done individually or in groups.

To connect with Lynne or book a Belvaspata session:

“Book a Personal Belvaspata Session Now” – a gentle and transformative healing modality

  • 20 minute free consultation given to answer your questions

To learn to become a Belvaspata Healer see levels of study here:

As you approach this powerful training with reverence and humility, through you, many miracles may take place. Through this training program, you will be assisted to clear distortions to fully stand in power and true presence. The current plan is as follows:

  • Belvaspata Levels 1 and 2 ~ done after working deeply with the preparatory material. Prepatory week.
    You need to purchase Book of Belvaspata Volume 1, edition 2.

Level 1  Sigils of Love (Emotions) & Level 2 16 Rays of Light plus and Initiation

Protocol for beginning this sacred healing.

You learn what is needed, and begin internalizing for this level 1,the Sigils of Love in one afternoon or 3-one hour sessions on Zoom or in person.
The next session you will begin Level 2, The Sigils of the Rays of Light.

Over a 3 week period, you will practice these levels.  Work will be given out of the book for reading and digesting.
You will be given a session on all, once a week, to open up to more understanding of this modality

Initiation for both levels to follow, after completion of both levels of 1 & 2.

After initiation you will practice daily with the Sigils of Love and the 16 Rays of Light on self, family and friends during the week. (can be done remotely)

Master Level  (to have worked with this level daily for 3 months) Then iniation into Master Level.

  • You start to Internalize The States of Being
  • The next step is for you to internalize Kaanish Belvaspata and to complete it. It is named the Modality of Enlightenment
  • You are to practice daily on self, family, friends during the week.
  • Weekly assignments as to Levels of Kaanish given.
  • You will be given 4 weeks to complete Kaanish.  (A schedule will be given to follow this for ease)
  • A healing will be done on you and all, once a week, to open up to more understanding of this modality.

Initiation into the Master Level Can be done after 3 months of practice with these levels.

  • Grand Master Price included in Master level.
  • The Grand Master level affects the spiritual, emotional, spiritual, mental and spiritual bodies of all.
  • It is designed to release new hormones and open the higher capacities of the endocrine system.
  • Once again, you will receive a session once a week, to open up to more understanding of this modality.|
  • Braamish Ananu Belvaspata – the High Alchemy of Belvaspata
  • You will have 4 weeks to complete this

Initiation into the Master Level & Grand Master Level   Can be done after 6 months of practice with these levels.

  • You are added to my ongoing maintenance group program for 6 months following your session to best support and promote deepest integration

Praise, Love and Gratitude


Some Testimonials using Belvaspata

Testimonials from remotes sessions (with Belvaspata)

“After nine hours of surgery, I was up walking the next day. This was my third surgery, and it feels this one was the best. I could even feel the energy during the Belvaspata session!! Thank you all for this session. Three of us worked together on this person remotely.

(2013) Mary Beth, New Brunswick Canada

“Thank you so much. I was actually in and out of sleep so was very receptive on all levels; I followed with a beautiful nap and woke up feeling much better. Please feel free to send me your info so I can share with others absolutely amazing!

(Belvaspata Healing)  Request from a patient in hospital in Arizona. May 2018 Danae Van

Danae Van Lynne Gower Smith Her reply. I’m happy to share your work with my groups – both for endometriosis and hypothyroidism as well as autoimmune related diseases. Your work is very needed in these communities!

“Lynne Smith is a holistic healer, and Grand Master of Belvaspata, who was visiting me in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. Lynne has had years of deep spiritual study and personal evolution. Approaching this work with reverence and passion, she is dedicated to assisting others to releasing limitations and bringing peace and serenity back into life.”

Selena Arab

Testimonial from a remote session by his aunt, done on a young teenager who was rushed to the IWK Hospital in Halifax N.S.

“My nephew was excellent tonight and told me stories like he used to when he was young. Lynne, he seems to be more connected than he has been for years.” (2017)  Shelley K. Nova Scotia, Canada

Testimonial one-on-one in person when I was just beginning to learn this modality

“That was quite the session we had and I am not quite done ‘understanding’ what happened. At first I was somewhat resistant, and then I thought why not. My head cleared out, no thinking going on and I started working on clearing out the bad feelings in my stomach. I could see within my stomach area, first one angel chipping away with a hammer and chisel. When he didn’t succeed another came to help him. Still not succeeding, they upgraded to heavier tools like sledge hammers and bigger chisels. Eventually they tried to blast it away with explosives. Actually had a picture of one of the angels pulling the lever and seeing the explosion.

When you asked me what it was in me, I told you it was like layers of barnacles sitting in me. Most of it went easy, there was just that small piece left which was more like a piece of rock or concrete. I decided to wait until our next visit to go after the rest. To the best of my knowledge, it’s (at least for me) currently beyond understanding and that is OK. To realize that there is something you don’t understand, I guess that is some kind of understanding too. I am also feeling a lot better and am sleeping decently at nights, which was one thing that was starting to make life more than just hard.”

(2012)  K.J. Nova Scotia, Canada

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