The Changing Times for Business Coaching

Gaining the Insights  – Establish the Goal – Get the Results

Busines coaching for success needs to be adaptable to the changing times for business coaching environments, so our coaching methods need to adapt.  It is important to look at what both the top want changed as well as what the employees want. This determines the gaps that need to be closed. Communication has always been a key factor.

Coach internal Management Levels to become Coaches

Along with this, we also need to look at absenteeism, stress, depression, etc. This can easily be changed with some new methods and tools found on this website, which then helps with the bottom line costs and investments. Stress and anxiety has been a factor more people are feeling. Bringing staff members to work, feeling better, is essential for productivity.

Ways to Work Within Organizations Today

Longer term for on-going results
From the first analysis, a program is designed loosely, as things will come up to be addressed which allows for flexibilty making the program about them and not about the binder.

Shorter Term for basic changes – working with depression, stress, etc.

Here is where the stress, anxiety, depression, etc. would be looked at first to help employees, dissolve those barriers, and be back at work with a more positive outlook and a willingness to work.
Once employees are back on track, then a program can be made from the analysis, keeping in mind these general topics.

  • Inspire, motivate, listen and communicate
  • Team  strategies….big picture and then detailed
  • Goals team decided with leader that align with the organization
  • Develop methods of team support and teamwork with strong interpersonal communication
  • Provide ways for team creativity to enhance company goals
  • Assess potential skills needs and opportunity for growth for individuals
  • Keeps the flow of information going to all levels as requested and needed
  • Work on goals, priorities, strategies and performance
  • “Have an experienced certified business coach with a great track record”
  • Coach individuals to become internal coaches for their areas of expertise

Overall Picture  Again,  Find the Goals and Bring in the Results

  • Where you and your employees feel you are?
  • Where you want to be and are all valued?
  • Understanding of vision and goals are understood at all levels
  • Where everyone fits in?
  • Contribution to bottom line from all
  • Looking at the environment for everyone

Successful communicating, on any level, will be received much differently if it comes from the heart as well as the head. These are not separate and it takes whole body communicating to bring things to a higher result, and greater satisfaction for all levels.  That is why, putting in some parts of life coaching into the mix, here and there, pays big dividends.

Program cost information depends upon:

  1. Each priced individually
  2. Length – number of weeks/days required or desired
  3. Group size and/or number of groups
  4. Assessment Needs Analysis (number of these)

(average time for change is approximately working with teams is 10 weeks – once a week)

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Sample Testimonials

“From the moment I met you Lynne, I knew you were someone different than the pack of consultants that I had known from my past life. You got it! You understood that beneath the labels like leader or manager or welder, or whatever – the thing that we sometimes forget is that we are all people. You can teach all of the techniques in the world, but without a bit of empathy, without truly communicating on a human level, you will fall short.

I am so pleased you worked with this wonderful group. You taught them, you challenged them, and most of all you inspired them. They are all different than when they started this course, and best of all, you have taken a bunch of supervisors and molded them into a supervision team. Great Job!”

Doug Howe, Bus. Dev. /Project Mgr., Marid Industries Limited

“This course has deepened my appreciation of the complexities of daily interactions between myself and my co-workers. I feel better equipped to handle situations I have shied away from in the past.”

Sheldon Butler Production Foreman, Marid Industries Limited

“This was a great course. I learned to think outside the box and think before acting or letting emotions take over. I now have more skills to deal with employees and co-workers, and understand all the facts before having conversations with my team members.” – Leslie Fleet, Night Shift Foreman, Marid Industries Limited

“Our coach, Lynne Smith has been nothing short of amazing! She has inspired the team with her positive approach, open style of teaching, customized course material…and many of our colleagues (both front line staff and the operational managers) have commented on what a change they have seen in their relationships both at work and home.”

Robert Goldsworthy, Director of Operations, Atlantica Hotel

“I learned some great lessons that help me in work and in my personal life. I enjoyed the class. Lynne was a wonderful teacher who knows how to make communication interesting, and fun!” Everyone is an individual and needs to be dealt with differently.”

I learned to treat people in my life/work with more patience and listen actively. A well presented course!” “I learned new and better ways to communicate. Great program, lots to learn.” “I learned to value my opinions and to voice them to help overcome difficult situations.” “The sessions were fun, informative and beneficial.”

Sampling of comments from front line staff, Atlantica Hotel

“I feel more comfotable delegating to the employees, my communiction with staff has improved, and even with some customers, and I have learned to understand the generational differences and expectations more.”

Jean Paul – Canadian Tire, Clayton Park, Nova Scotia 

“I have a better unerstanding of how to hire and to really ask better questions, as well as how to listen more to help me with motivating my staff.”

Michael Armstrong – Canadian Tire, Clayton Park, Nova Scotia

“Over the past 4 years that I have known Lynne, she has continually helped me refine and perfect my communication skills. Now that Lynne has branded into Life Coaching, she has helped me balance my personal life with business success, and I am now focused on achieving my full life potential. I believe everyone could use Lynne’s expertise to get the most from life.”

Stephanie Holmes, Partner Himmelman Financial, N.S. Canada now owns the Money Finder

“Lynne did an amazing job helping us with our managers at our three locations. She worked with each individually helping with goal setting, time management and prioritizing for themselves, their team and the stores. She also helped us to put job descriptions together that helped with our hiring process. Thank you Lynne!”

Lucille Laroche, General Manager – Global Pet Foods, Nova Scotia

“I can now enjoy knowing how to spread knowledge, communicate and be a better listener.”

Meredith Doyle, Teambuilding course, Fulton Insurance Truro, N.S.

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