The Enhanced Healing Symbol (EHS)

The IMT-Enhanced Healing Symbol Process

The Enhanced Healing Symbol was created as a simple means for a person to utilize and access the powerful Inner Mastery vibrational Tools in a manner that is both convenient and effective. The EHS is your personal friend which makes a connection for higher power. It is a simple tool yet, very complex, and the more you use it, you are able to feel without fear, and are willing to shed obsolete feelings and beliefs.

The more you will use this tool, you are able to draw from this powerful tool.

The EHS supports profound healing at all levels

The Enhanced Healing Symbol is far more potent than energy modalities. It operates to support deep shedding and dissolution of obsolete programs, negative emotions/patterns, ties that bind, in order to release the hold of old limiting beliefs and emotions, and  reveal the underlying perfection within.

Note From Coach Lynne: “I was personally given this tool in a teleseminar along with over 100 other people to use in a 12 week program we were all involved in. I myself wondered how this was going to work as I had never been attuned to a tool remotely and really felt that this was impossible. As I began to work with the EHS, I noticed the releasing of old patterns and emotions in me, and at the same time a deeper contentment. I also realized that we were all experiencing the same thing.”  This truly has a divine connection.

The Enhanced Healing Symbol is continually expanding and holds new templates automatically. It works powerfully through the DNA and brings in insights, with frequencies (activations) in different ways. The tool assists anyone who is focused on releasing something and is willing to let it go.

A few of the many aspects it is used for:

  • Bless/clears foods powerfully by removing toxins, GMOs,  abuse to animals and hormones before eating
  • Access higher thought forms and helps bring in new perspectives
  • Helps to clear cravings
  • Release anxiety and stress along with many other negative emotions and obsolete patterns
  • The more you use it in life, the more it activates for you in life

The EHS utilized the 3 Centres of Intelligence – Dantien Centres – Head, Heart, Gut

  1. The upper dantien located in the middle of the head, comprises the etheric glands that are receptive to light (Truth) and ‘code the body’ primarily through the endocrine system. Light/Trust – Head
  2. The middle dantien is the Heart center—center of love, the emotional body, and soul. The Heart center unifies our being on all levels.  As we activate divine compassion, a vibrational stream is established between the Heart and the Head (pineal gland), and the two centers become harmonized and co-resonant. Love/Innocence – Heart
  3. The lower dantien, or ‘gut’ center, is our center of manifestation, through which we receive resources from Source. When we are in innocence (surrendered to life’s benevolence and dedicated to harmlessness) we enter into perfect symbiosis with our world—this causes divine love to form in the gut (a higher form of love). Life/Purity – Gut    – Anita Briggs,

Activation of the core frequency Heart pattern comes as an audio attunement as well as an audio meditation to deepen it within you.

The more powerfully you centre into this core frequency heart pattern, you become a more powerful healing force. The more your heart holds this C.F.H.P., the more spiritual power will move through you. As it flows into the world, you are healed as well and at the same time expanded and awakened. This is an amazingly powerful tool!!

The Enhanced Healing Symbol also:

  • Automatically clears similar patterns that you are working on in life
  • Releases spontaneous healing
  • Releases and dissolves anxiety, low self-esteem, overwhelm.
  • Alleviates fear of panic in public
  • Erodes the stories you have been hiding behind from the past… beliefs, traumas
  • Dissolves emotional states of blame, guilt, assumptions and expectations
  • Brings in new insights and perceptions

When these start to dissolve and erode, the new “real” you comes out. Lessons that give a new ‘twist’ show up allowing for many moments of “aha”. The more you use this process, it becomes second nature to you, with many more “aha” moments, and it will be only your imagination that will limit you.

“This tool gives you the higher power connection” – Lynne Smith

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The basic package for the IMT-EHS is for Your Own Personal Work


  • Manual describing the details of the Tool, how to set up and use your EHS
  • Manual on the 3 C.H.F.P centres and some simple exercises for inner processing
  • Attunement audio – basic attunement
  • Activation audios
  • Some audio meditations to lead you through clearing and manifestation work

Special Offer for Extra Learning and Healing with this amazing tool

  • 6 sessions that provide helping you work through your issues, apply your EHS to life, and where I also work with the EHS with you
  • Reinforces the learning of the EHS, which gets you more comfortable using it and discuss different applications
  • Once a month for 3 months – deep remote clearing of the meridians in the body, done in the background

Some Testimonials:

Here is a testimonial from my client Maryann who tells us about her experience using the Enhanced Healing Symbol (EHS).

Follow up for with above claustrophobia client 3 weeks later “I just got back from a trip to China and I have to tell you it was wonderful.  Normally I am ready to kill someone after half way in the airplane….this time I watched movies, slept, ate and had a wonderful trip on the plane there and back.  I took my medication with me just in case and I never needed to use it.”

Dalene Allen

“My son is a wonderful boy who has been labelled with ADHD and OCD. He has struggled emotionally and socially. Since working with the oils and having a session of Krihanash (special for the oils and meridians) he seems less impulsive and fearful of bugs and germs. In fact he just seems happier,calmer and much more confident. This has been noted by everyone in his life from family members and friends to his teachers.

Sheila T. Nova Scotia Canada

What can I say, I was going to send flowers to thank you, but that can’t possibly be enough. I don’t know how to thank you for your invaluable help; how do you put a price on the freedom you have given me? I feel now I can take on anything, anyone, any time.”

Tina Parker CSPTM

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